Azerbaijan is located on the southeastern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. It is bordered the Caspian Sea, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey Armenia, by Georgia and the Russian Federation. About 43 percent of the area of Azerbaijan is situated more than 1 000 m above sea level. 

Azerbaijan is situated on the northern edge of the subtropical zone. The climate in Azerbaijan is continental. Azerbaijan has four major river basins, two of which are international: the basin of the Kura and Araks Rivers, the Samur River Basin, the Caspian Sea coastal river basins in the northeast, and in the Lankaran region in the southeast.

Key Water Issues and Challenges:

  • The priority is rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage systems to ensure the sustainability of the subsector
  • Erosion affects almost 43 percent of the country
  • 40–45 percent of the irrigation infrastructure is in need of renovation
  • The inefficient use of water and the heavy water losses in irrigation represent major problems for water resources and soils

Contact GWP Azerbaijan

Yusup Kamalov, Chair GWP CACENA

Vadim Sokolov, Regional Coordinator GWP CACENA / Scientific-Information Center of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia

More information

AQUASTAT -FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture

UN-Water Statistics



Posted: 2013-05-22

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