Latvia is located in Eastern Europe, bordering Belarus, Russia and the Baltic Sea, between Estonia and Lithuania. Latvia has a maritime climate with wet moderate winters. The country is rich in peat, limestone, timber and arable land.

Key Water Issues and Challenges

  • Latvia's environment has benefited from a shift to service industries after the country regained independence
  • The main environmental priorities are improvement of drinking water quality and sewage system, household, and hazardous waste management, as well as reduction of air pollution
  • Arable land in Latvia is often too wet and in need of drainage, not irrigation

Contact GWP Latvia

Mr. Richard Muller (for GWP Central and Eastern Europe)

Mr. Ivars Sekacis (for Latvia)

More Information

AQUASTAT -FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture

UN-Water Statistics


Posted: 2012-07-24

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