Turkmenistan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The western and central low-lying desolate portions of the country make up the great Kara Kum desert, which occupies over 80% of the country; the eastern part of the country is plateau. 

In the southwest lies the Kopetdag mountain chain with the Shakhshakh peak at 2 912 m above sea level. The climate of Turkmenistan is subtropical desertic.

Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, sulfur, salt.

Key Water Issues and Challenges

  • Contamination of soil and groundwater with agricultural chemicals, pesticides
  • Salination, water logging of soil due to poor irrigation methods
  • Caspian Sea pollution
  • Diversion of a large share of the flow of the Amu Darya into irrigation contributes to the river's inability to replenish the Aral Sea
  • Desertification

Contact GWP Turkmenistan

Yusup Kamalov, Chair GWP CACENA 


Vadim Sokolov, Regional Coordinator GWP CACENA / Scientific-Information Center of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia


More information

AQUASTAT -FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture http://www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/main/index.stm

UN-Water Statistics http://www.unwater.org/statistics_KWIP.html


Source: http://data.worldbank.org;www.unwater.org

Posted: 2013-05-22

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