Global Secretariat Staff

Staff members at the Global Water Partnership Secretariat, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

 Rudolph Cleveringa

Rudolph Cleveringa
Executive Secretary
e-mail: rudolph.cleveringa[at]

 Helena Gunmo-Lind

Helena Gunnmo-Lind
Executive Assistant
e-mail: helena.gunnmo-lind[at]

 Susanne André

Susanne André
Senior Legal & HR Officer
e-mail: susanne.andre[at]


Eva Blässar
Writer & Media Officer
e-mail: eva.blassar[at]

François Brikké
Senior Network Officer
e-mail: francois.brikke[at]

Regions: Central Africa, South East Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus
Theme: Urban

Nicolas Delaunay
Resource Mobilisation and Partnership Manager
e-mail: nicolas.delaunay[at]

Steven Downey

Steven Downey
Head of Communications
e-mail: steven.downey[at]


Monika Ericson
Senior Communications Officer
e-mail: monika.ericson[at]


 Manuel Fulchiron

Manuel Fulchiron
Senior Network Officer
e-mail: manuel.fulchiron[at]

Region: Western Africa
Theme: Food

 Gabriela Grau

Gabriela Grau
Senior Network Officer
e-mail: gabriela.grau[at]

Regions: Central America, South America
Theme: Ecosystems

 Kenge James Gunya

Kenge James Gunya
Knowledge Management Officer

e-mail: kenge.james.gunya[at]

Ankur Gupta 

Ankur Gupta
Research Assistant
e-mail: ankur.gupta[at]

Programme Support: Urban, Ecosystems



Angela Klauschen
Senior Network Officer
email: angela.klauschen[at]

Regions: Mediterranean, China, South Asia
Theme: Energy


 Sandra Lindholm Sandra Lindholm
Financial Officer
e-mail: sandra.lindholm[at]
 Martin Löfgren Martin Löfgren
Senior Web Communications & IT Strategy Officer
e-mail: martin.lofgren[at]
Karla Maradiaga

Karla Maradiaga 
Network Operations Team Assistant
e-mail: karla.maradiaga[at]

Peter Nyman


Peter Nyman
Senior Financial Officer
e-mail: peter.nyman[at]

Sara Oppenheimer
Programme Assistant
e-mail: sara.oppenheimer[at]

Ralph Philip

Ralph Philip
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
e-mail: ralph.philip[at]

Frederik Pischke
Senior Programme and Network Officer - International Climate/Hydrology
e-mail: frederik.pischke[at]

Region: Eastern Africa, Central and Eastern Europe
Themes: Flood & Drought

 Jacques Rey

Jacques Rey
Head of Network Operations
e-mail: jacques.rey[at]

Region: Caribbean (interim)
Theme: Overall

 Salman Riaz

Salman Riaz
Financial Officer
e-mail: salman.riaz[at]


Siri Saeed
Administrative & Communications Assistant
e-mail: siri.saeed[at]

 Catharina Sahlin-Tegnander Catharina Sahlin-Tegnander
Head of Finance and Administration
e-mail: catharina.sahlin-tegnander[at]
 Alex Simalabwi

Alex Simalabwi
Global WACDEP Coordinator
e-mail: alex simalabwi[at]

Region: Southern Africa
Theme: Climate

 Susanne Skyllerstedt

Susanne Skyllerstedt
Programme Officer

e-mail: susanne.skyllerstedt[at]

Programme Support: Climate

 Danka Thalmeinerova Danka Thalmeinerova
Senior Knowledge Management Officer
e-mail: danka.thalmeinerova[at]


Posted: 2010-04-28

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