GWP Annual Lecture with Ambassador Robert F. Van Lierop

“Adapt or Die: Compelling questions for the future of climate adaptation,” is the theme of this year's GWP Annual Lecture.

It will be held on Sunday 1 September, 2013 by Ambassador Robert F. Van Lierop as part of the programme for GWP's Consulting Partners meeting where GWP Partners from all over the world meet in Stockholm to discuss water issues.

Ambassador Van Lierop, an expert in international law, has been a lead negotiator within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change for many years.  In 2012 he served as the Vice-President for COP18 in Doha, Qatar, and is now the Vice-Chair of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Body for Implementation. He is the Special Envoy/Climate Change Ambassador for Saint Kitts and Nevis, and he has chaired the Alliance of Small Island States. He is also a high level advisor for the United Nations/African Union Joint Mission in Darfur.

Ambassador Van Lierop believes that the climate change negotiations have not focused sufficiently on two issues, energy and water, and in particular that water is the most critical issue for adaptation.

Posted: 2013-08-15

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