Voices from the GWP Network

  • Professor Davaa Basandorj, Executive Director of GWP Mongolia

  • Professor David Grey, Oxford University

  • Liviu N. Popescu, GWP Central and Eastern Europe

  • Dr. Veena Khanduri, GWP South Asia

  • Dr. Eelco van Beek, GWP Technical Committee

  • Dr. Shaddad Attili, GWP Mediterranean

  • Anna Tsvietkova, GWP Central and Eastern Europe

  • Rodora Navarro Gamboa, GWP South East Asia

  • Hanapi Mohamad Noor, GWP South East Asia

  • Zheng Rugang, GWP China

  • Abdybai Djayloobayev, GWP Central Asia and Caucasus

    In Russian

  • Judy Daniel, GWP Caribbean

  • Professor Michael Scoullos, GWP Mediterranean

  • Dr. Madiodio Niasse, GWP Technical Committee

  • Carolina Carías, GWP Central America

  • Dr Anna Matros-Goreses, Polytechnic of Namibia, clip 2



  • Prof Serigne Faye, GWP Senegal



  • Oscar Cordeiro Netto, GWP Technical Committee, Brazil



  • Ms Maria Branco

    In Portuguese


  • Oscar Cordeiro Netto, GWP Technical Committee, Brazil

    In Spanish.


  • Kusum Athukorala, Chair, GWP Sri Lanka



  • Dr Anna Matros-Goreses, Polytechnic of Namibia



  • Dr Guan Yiqing, Hohai University, China



  • Watt Botkosal, Cambodia National Mekong Committee



  • Prof Patricia Wouters, GWP Techn Committee, Director, Dundee UNESCO IHP-HELP Centre for Water

  • Dr Dogara Bashir, National Water Resources Institute, Nigeria



  • Dr Nurmohamed Riad, ADEK University of Suriname



  • Nabil Kawas, Meteorologist and Professor at the public Autonomous National University of Honduras



  • Tomas Fernandez, Chair GWP Central America

    In Spanish


  • Dr Adrian Cashman, Lecturer at the University of West Indies of Barbados



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