EU Water Initiative

The European Union Water Initiative (EUWI) was launched at the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit for Sustainable Development as a response to declining investment in water and sanitation.

The EUWI is an innovative attempt to focus increased attention on water-related issues, embracing a broad selection of stakeholder interests and concerns, for purposes of social and economic development and protection of the environment. The EUWI is based on a participative multi-stakeholder approach. It is not a funding mechanism; it aims to improve coordination among the EC, EU member states and partner countries on support for water and sanitation. 

Working groups

There are four EUWI working groups with a regional focus: Africa; Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia; Latin America; and Mediterranean) and two cross-cutting working groups: Research (Splash), and Finance. The EUWI FWG is hosted by the Global Water Partnership, which provides secretariat and administrative support. More on these working groups here

Selected Knowledge Products produced in a cooperation with GWP:

Strategic Financial Planning for Water Supply and Sanitation in Africa (2010): English  , French 

Financing for Water and Sanitation (2011): English 

Unlocking finance for water security (2012): English 

Pricing Water Resources to Finance their Sustainable Management (2012): English Spanish 

Other selected resources of EUWI:

Small scale financing for water and sanitation (EUWI-FWG / SHARE, 2012): English 

Posted: 2013-08-28

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