Vision to Action - Mediterranean

The GWP Mediterranean Vision for Water in the 21st Century ...

…is to safeguard and provide by 2025, sufficient, safe, clean, healthy, reliable and sustainable water for domestic and irrigation needs and for the environment for a peaceful and stable living in the Mediterranean region.

Summary - Framework for Action

The key message we seek to get across is that the water situation in the Mediterranean will never be the same again as it has been in the past. Expected increases in water demand cannot be met in most cases by developing additional water resources since such water is increasingly not available.

There is a need to cope and avoid the water crisis that, in some countries, is already a reality.We need to do so with actions that help us solve the most urgent problems while moving towards sustainable water management.We also need to start working today for a more sustainable water future with actions that help us prepare for the transition towards Integrated Water Resource Management.

In this FFA for the Mediterranean we are proposing actions that will help us avoid the water crisis such as strengthening water institutions to be able to govern water efficiently and effectively; a combination of water supply and demand measures; modernising agriculture; promoting co-operation between countries sharing water resources; protecting water quality; being prepared for major risks such as droughts and floods; generating knowledge and helping in the uptake of existing information in relation to water use efficiency, optimising existing supplies, water quality and non conventional resources.We are also proposing actions that prepare us for the transition towards sustainable water management. This includes the development and strengthening of institutions and legislation for Integrated Water Management; generating and incorporating knowledge for sustainable water management; promoting awareness of risks ahead and influencing social and cultural values at the same time as investing in people (human resources).

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Download and read the full document to learn more about the GWP Mediterranean Regional Water Parnership's Vision for Water in the 21st Century:

Posted: 2010-06-18

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