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The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a dynamic, not-for-profit action network with over 3,000 Partner organisations in 174 countries around the world. The network has 85 Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships.

The network is open to all organisations involved in water resources management: developed and developing country government institutions, agencies of the United Nations, bi- and multi-lateral development banks, professional associations, research institutions, non-governmental organisations, and the private sector.

GWP's action network provides knowledge and builds capacity to improve water management at all levels: global, regional, national and local. The Partnership helps countries to connect water resources planning and operations at different scales— transboundary, regional, basin, national and local—so that actions are coherent and sustainable.

Instead of taking the traditional development approach in which projects are often not connected, GWP works with numerous key stakeholders to design strategic approaches to improving water management. This builds local capacity in the long term. GWP does not operate alone; indeed its networking approach provides a mechanism for coordinated action and adds value to the work of many other key development partners.

  • A non-profit action network advocating, facilitating and supporting change processes for the sustainable management of water resources.
  • A partnership of government agencies, public institutions, private companies, professional organisations, multilateral development agencies and others concerned with water issues.
  • A mechanism for coordinated action, adding value to the work of many other development partners.
  • A neutral platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue at global, national and local levels that connects water resources planning and operations at different scales – transboundary, regional, basin, national and local – for coherent and sustainable action.
  • A resource contributing technical knowledge and building capacity for improving water management.

Posted: 2010-04-28

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