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Press Release

The News [Press] Releases below were sent out to the news media with the objective of highlighting key information deemed 'newsworthy' for media organs in the region.

Such practice is hinged on the understanding of GWP Eastern Africa that news media our strategic partners and effective awareness and change in policy and practices will be achieved via effective partnership with media and other stakeholders.

Water Digest Edition 04 

Press Release - September 2013.

The Press Release produced to the media before the meeting focused on the 5th WACDEP Coordination Meeting held in Kigali, Rwanda from 23rd-27th September 2013. 

The Press Release aimed at summarizing to the media the objective of the meeting, participating regions and specifics of WACDEP so that they would be accurate coverage. 

The meeting aimed to catalyze the exchange of lessons, share knolwedge and technical coordination of the implementation of WACDEP among the regions of GWP

 Water Digest Edition 03

Press Release -  2013

This Press Release is about Rwanda-Burundi Media and Communications Training held from 21st-22nd August 2013 in Bugesera District, Eastern Province of Rwanda. It aimed at highlighting to the media and communication practitioners about the objective of the training and stimulating news media interests in water and climate change issues.

 Water Digest Edition 02

Press Release - June 2013.

The Press Release sent out to the news media during the event aimed at specifying to the media key focus areas for the event-Regional Policy Support Workshop, held in Kigali and Bujumbura on 13th-14th June 2013 respectively. The Press Release highlighted to the media that partnership is the key pathway for the realization of WACDEP objectives and aspirations.

Posted: 2013-10-12

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