Who is GWP SEA?

The present GWP-SEA governing structure is basically formed based on agreements during SEATAC period and then formalized through GWPSEA Statutes adopted on 6th November 2004 in Hanoi. It must be said that GWP-SEA was one of the very first RWPs to develop own Statutes during the years 2003-2004.

According to existing Statute, the governance system is consisting of Partners (through Consulting Partners Meeting), Steering Committee and Secretariat.



The SC will serve as the highest policy and decision making body of GWP-SEA, and shall be composed by democratically elected representative from each CWP or country network. It shall have one member representing their respective CWP plus a chair. The SC member will be elected by their respective CWPs or country networks. One half of the members of the first SC will have a maximum term of three years while the other half have a term of two years.


A regional secretariat will be established to assist the SC in managing and coordinating regional programs and activities. The regional secretariat should be a lean structure comprised of the following staff:(1) Program Manager/Coordinator;(2) Communication Officer; and (3) Administrative Officer.