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The GWP Toolbox

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) ToolBox is a knowledge sharing tool created by the global organisation which can best be described as a free on-line IWRM library.

The GWP ToolBox contains:

  • 54 tools that act as guidelines on how to implement IWRM.
  • Case studies that illustrate how the tools work in practice.
  • References such as supporting documents, manuals, papers and external IWRM knowledge databases.

Who can benefit from using the ToolBox?

  • Water experts
  • Decision makers
  • Practitioners
  • Academia
  • Anyone interested in learning more about improving water management.

ToolBox push

Click here to access the GWP Toolbox

Click here to access  GWP-SEA Toolbox

Posted: 2010-11-25

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