Gender and Youth

We actively support the Dublin Principle that women play a central role in providing, managing, and safeguarding water.

Guided by our new gender strategy, we will ensure that the interests and needs of both women and men are taken into account as we design, implement, and monitor the impact of policies and programmes on water resources management and related development challenges.

We will encourage and support women’s organisations to actively engage in GWP partnerships and processes at all levels. We will ensure that our institutional capacity is adequate to address the gender dimension of water management, and will build on the Gender Focal Points that many of the Regional Water Partnerships have already developed. All of our knowledge products will be gender sensitive and take into account different social and cultural circumstances.

Our youth strategy guides our partnerships with youth organisations and our support for young water professionals and entrepreneurs. This was developed in consultation with groups and networks of young people, as well as with our Regional and Country Water Partnerships. The goal of the strategy is to empower young people to become agents of change. Our Regional and Country Water Partnerships are tasked with including the voice of young people in their governance structures, to coordinate communications and activities that target young people, and to develop ‘youth action plans’.

Posted: 2014-03-21

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