EU NeWater

NeWater is a research-action project (2005-2009) funded by the European Union’s 6th Framework research programme and focuses on adaptive water management. It conducts research on the adaptation measures necessary for addressing uncertainty through management tools such as IWRM.

It brings together 38 European academic and research institutions as partners. The project is concerned with how to integrate into management plans previsions to deal with the effects, certain and uncertain, that climate change will have on the bio-physical and socio-economic environments of a watershed. The project also aims at producing robust scientific knowledge on the intersection of science, policy, environment and management. It has been set up to inform policy-makers and practitioners through specific tools and other knowledge forms such as training materials and techno-scientific reports.

The research activities of the project are conducted in seven river basins in Europe (Elbe, Guadiana, Rhine and Tisza), Central Asia (Amudarya) and Africa (Nile and Orange). These basins function as laboratories where the practice of integrated management and adaptation is studied. Having as an objective to develop “new approaches to adaptive water management under uncertainty”, the project is expected to deliver key results in the following domains:

• Governance in water management;

• Sectoral integration;

• Scales of analysis in IWRM;

• Information management;

• Design criteria for infrastructure required for integrated and adaptive water management;

• Finances and risk mitigation strategies in water management;

• Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive and the European Water Initiative;

• Stakeholder participation; promoting new ways of bridging science, policy and implementation.

Posted: 2010-06-30

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