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The Groundwater Management Advisory Team (GW-MATE) offers strategic assistance in several areas. In full consultation with stakeholders it can provide advice on groundwater resource management and protection, on the role of governments, on associated policy and institutional issues, and by helping to mobilise stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of improved management systems.

Briefing Note Series

It is produced by the World Bank Groundwater Management Advisory Team. The Series provides a concise introduction to the theory and practice of groundwater resource managment and protection. The Series is written in a style that should be intelligible across all professional disciplines working in the water sector. Each Briefing Note aims to answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic concerned, especially in a developing country context. Papers are available in several languages.

Case Profile Collection

The Case Profiles are not meant to be comprehensive descriptions, but rather focus on key management issues that countries, regions or groundwater systems are faced with and are in the process of addressing. It is complementary to the GW-MATE Briefing Notes Series.

Strategic Overviews

The Strategic Overview Series was launched in 2009 to provide policy guidance on groundwater management at the regional and global level. The series will be of special interest to decision makers tasked with incorporating groundwater management considerations into: overall water resource governance provisions, urban water infrastructure planning, irrigated agricultural development policy and water-supply provision in general.

Some of the papers are available in Spanish language. 

Posted: 2013-08-28

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