The Southern Africa Hydrological Cycle Observing System

The objective of the programme is to enhance the effectiveness of real-time and near real-time hydrological monitoring across the SADC region and national water resources management. Six principal outputs are foreseen during Phase II:

Widespread access to, and use of, real- and near real-time products of river information by water managers and other stakeholders at national, regional and global scales

Enhanced data analysis modules within the HYCOS system which add value to raw data and express river information in formats easily conducive to applied water management

Assumption of joint and several responsibility for the existing and expanded HYCOS system by SADC and by individual countries, with the necessary capacity in place to do so

A fully effective SADC HYCOS Regional Center, evolving from the existing HYCOS Pilot Regional Center

An expansion (in accordance with national interests, sustainable capacities and priority gaps) of the number of river monitoring sites equipped with intelligent sensors and satellite transmission, covering additional key monitoring sites within the SADC region not equipped during Phase I

Integration into the existing HYCOS system of near real-time information based on rapid processing of river information derived from monitoring sites upgraded with data-loggers, with appropriate rapid data transfer procedures in place within national monitoring agencies.


Tabeth Matiza (GWP Southern Africa)
Phone: + 263 4 728 266
Arthur Askew (World Meteorological Organisation WMO)
Phone: +41 22 73 083 55
Website:  and

Posted: 2010-06-16

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