Sanitation Connection

An Environmental Sanitation Network

Sanitation Connection is a World Wide Web based resource intended to facilitate access to information on sanitation. It aims to extend its reach through paper and telephone-based services in selected locations. Sanitation Connection functions as a virtual partnership with a range of sector players taking responsibility for the provision and maintenance of state-of-the-art information on selected issues.

Access to accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on technologies, institutions and financing is a pre-requisite for effective investment and operation of sanitation systems throughout the world. Lack of access adversely affects practitioners and hampers efforts towards improving sanitation worldwide. Sanitation Connection is a collaborative information exchange network that seeks to increase access to information. It was conceived to bring together a number of ongoing initiatives in sanitation information management, to ensure that the best information is widely available, and to bring together the most important institutions working in sanitation into a single wide- reaching information initiative.

Sanitation Connection partners are institutions of international standing who contribute to its work, most frequently through maintaining a topic or regional 'node', responding to new publications/sources of information and contributing to the progressive development of a bank of 'Frequently Asked Questions'. Each partner strives to maintain a broad balance in the information and views presented in order that Sanitation Connection as a whole operates to the benefit of all partners and users.


Phone: +1-202 473-9785

Posted: 2010-06-16

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