The Mediterranean Hydrological Cycle Observing System

MED-HYCOS Program is aimed at providing a scientific basis and a framework for co-operation in water resources monitoring, assessment and integrated water resources management at community, river basin, national and regional levels.

MED-HYCOS will contribute to the understanding of the dynamic of hydrosystems and to their interaction with climate - global change - and with the environment - impact of human activities - to optimise management strategies and to encourage intersectoral sharing of water resources data and information for development and natural capital management.

The MED-HYCOS program is designed to increase the capacities of the National Hydrological Services such as the principal data producers on national and regional level. In this manner the MED-HYCOS program will contribute to effective water resources assessment and monitoring in the Mediterranean region.


Marc Morell
Phone: +33 4 67 63 64 20
Arthur Askew (World Meteorological Organisation WMO)
Phone: +41 22 73 083 55
Websites: and

Posted: 2010-06-16

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