The UNEP-DHI Centre of Water and Environment is a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) centre of expertise dedicated to improving the management, development and use of freshwater resources from the local to the global level. It was established in 2001 and is hosted by the DHIgroup headquarters in Denmark.

The area of works include:
Promoting integrated water resources management (IWRM) at national, international and cross-national levels
Supporting climate change resilience through considered water resources development, management and use
Enhancing the management of water in the coastal zone through integrated land and water management
Developing ecosystems based management of freshwater resources through a range of approaches and tools.

Policy Advice and Technical Assistance

The UNEP-DHI is providing context specific policy advice and technical assistance to IWRM at global, transboundary, national, basin and sub-basin levels. It has assisted in the development of national reports and roadmaps on IWRM for 19 countries. More information can be found here.

Decision Support Systems

Another sphere of action is providing Decision Support Systems (DSS) that combine databases, models, GIS and web technologies with configurable decision logics to enable water manager to make informed decision.

Water Resources Modelling

The Centre is drawing on DHI’s experience and expertise to further strengthen the scientific basis of its policy work and to develop pilot projects that generate useful lessons. Water resources models are combined with downscaled climate models to support resilience to climate change in river basins.

Customised Training and Capacity Building

UNEP-DHI offers customised training and capacity building programmes in subjects such as water quality, water and climate change, water assessment and water and ecosystems, as well as IWRM and modeling of water resources.

Technical publications

Technical publications regarding assessments, indicators, guidelines and policy briefs on issues such as climate change, coastal zone management, water quality, integrated water resources (IWRM) and ecosystems management here.

Posted: 2013-08-28

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