Women Professionals in Water Management

Fellowship Programme

The project addresses the problem of the limited number of female professionals in the water sector through a targeted fellowship programme. It is designed to enable women to participate in water management courses and training programs. The programme main activities are:

  • Selection, administration and co-ordination of fellowships for female professionals.
  • Provision of logistical and technical support to women awarded with fellowships.
  • Development of specific tailor-made courses for female professionals working in water management.
  • Active dissemination and development of gender analysis concepts and tools as applicable to water management.
  • Development of a network of female professionals working in water management.
  • Development of interdisciplinary water management training and course opportunities in Southern institutions.

The first fellowship students started their courses in September 2000.

SADC Programme on Means to Empower Women in Water Issues

The objective is to carry out a regional review on the current status of women's participation in water resources development and management, develop and apply affirmative strategy targeted at improving the participation of rural women at all levels of water resources development and management, encourage governments to take affirmative action to attract more women in the career of water resources management, strengthen the expertise and skills of women dealing with water issues, formulate a regional policy and strategy for gender mainstreaming in IWRM, build capacity of water professionals to work with gender issue, improve information dissemination and sharing among women. This programme is linked to the global Gender and Water Alliance.


Margreet Zwarteveen
Tabeth Matiza -Chiuta, Zimbabwe
Phone: + 263 4 728 266
E-mail: tmc@samara.co.zw

Posted: 2010-06-16

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