Goal 3: Strengthen Partnerships

This goal focuses on enhancing the viability and effectiveness of GWP’s Network by strengthening partnerships and Partner organisations to catalyse change, enhance learning, and improve financial sustainability.

Partnerships underpin everything that we do and while our partnerships are strong, they could be stronger and more inclusive. They are the catalysts for change in policies, institutions, and practice. They lay the foundation for agreed collective actions and are proving to be excellent and trusted vehicles for sharing knowledge.

The UN organisations are key GWP Partners, facilitating access to development resources and skills, and to national governments. Our formal partnership with UN-Water provides a platform to apply our principles in practice.

We plan to strengthen and increase our Network of Partner organisations and intensify our engagement with them. Our Network comprises many different types of organisations working on a broad spectrum of water-related issues in both developing and developed countries. They include the private sector, government
departments responsible for national financing and development, the media, parliamentarians, educators, women’s organisations, and youth groups. We intend
to expand our Network to include a greater number of Partner organisations from major sectors such as agriculture, energy, industry, and the cities. These are
important water users who signifi cantly influence water allocation and management.

‘Champions’ within our Regional and Country Water Partnerships play important roles as agents of change, catalysts, and advocates. They seek to influence
policies, laws, and institutions to improve health, reduce poverty, maintain viable ecosystems, improve education, encourage youth engagement, and support the development of a host of other public goods.

All of our Partner organisations subscribe to the principles set out in our mission statement and share our values of neutrality, inclusiveness, openness, transparency, integrity, accountability, respect, and solidarity. Our ‘Conditions of Accreditation’ and ‘Policy on Partners’ underpin our organisational structure and provide firm governance guidelines.

We will scale up our partnership development and continue to facilitate the global Network while supporting Partners to implement this Strategy at both regional and country levels. Regional Water Partnerships are now entering a new phase in their development with a well-defi ned development agenda, clear operational models, established governance systems, and stronger human resources. They are better equipped to raise funds, implement programmes, and effectively support the Country Water Partnerships in their regions.

We will:

  • pursue and strengthen partnerships with global, regional, and national actors who make key decisions influencing water resources. These will include the private sector, knowledge partners, and other strategic allies
  • support Regional Water Partnerships to enhance their capacity to undertake governance, communications, fundraising, programme development and implementation, strategic planning, financial management, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring and evaluation
  • assist Country Water Partnerships to work towards national reforms and pilot local demonstration projects
  • promote Area Water Partnerships at basin, city, or district level to advance better water management that responds to specifi c local needs and demands in urban and transboundary settings


Posted: 2010-05-05

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