Goal 4 Activities

Listed below are specific elements of the strategy for achieving Goal 4.

Partnership and alliance building

GWP has a unique ability to build capacity because of its global and local reach. GWP will continue to expand its partnership base, focusing on nonwater stakeholders, while improving the administrative arrangements that govern existing relationships. GWP will build stronger alliances with strategic Partner organisations, such as UN-Water, the European Union Water Initiative, CapNet, the International Network of Basin Organizations, the Associated Programme on Flood Management, the World Water Council and others. GWP will build new alliances with Partners, such as the Cooperative Programme for Climate and Water and the Water Integrity Network.

Performance measurement

Since GWP does not implement infrastructure projects, but facilitates processes to improve water resources management, GWP has adopted Outcome Mapping as a tool to monitor and report results, and measure performance. This methodology will be applied across the network in 2009 and beyond, with stronger links to the Global Action Network to share experiences on performance measurement. GWP will also share with the donor community its experience of the Outcome Mapping approach to show how it can be adopted in similar policy-related programmes and networks.

Financial sustainability

To move towards financial sustainability, GWP will continue to provide a demand-led quality service that responds to regional and country priorities as well as those of the donor community. While working to expand the financial resource base at all levels through new and existing funding sources, the Partnership will enhance and diversify fund-raising capacity at the regional and country levels.

Supporting the network

GWP will upgrade governance and administrative structures to implement the 2009–2013 Strategy. The focus will be on streamlining and strengthening governance structures across the network. This will maintain the light, flexible, locally owned nature of the network, while reassuring donors and governments of the soundness of GWP operations. Organisation and governance aspects are discussed further in chapter VI.

Reducing GWP's carbon footprint

Face-toface interaction is the most effective means of sharing knowledge and experience, and changing behaviour. However, GWP will take measures to reduce travel, use modern communications technology (such as video conferencing, virtual meetings and 'webinars') and reduce global meetings, wherever possible, to lower costs and minimise the Partnership's carbon footprint.

Posted: 2010-05-06

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