Improving financing for water management

Until recently, financing was not a priority for most water professionals and officials. It was rare for events on water management to consider finance. Water plans often did not show where the money would come from, how they would be paid for or who would pay for them. Thinking on financing was limited to stand-alone projects or aid. It was as if finance was somebody else's problem.

The GWP message has been clear: finance and good water governance are inextricably linked.

Things have changed. Finance is now an essential topic in water management circles. Many publications, conferences and workshops address water financing. GWP has influenced these changes, deploying its strengths – knowledge generation, change processes and partnering with a range of actors – to make those involved in water realise that financing is not just about funding projects. GWP articulated the message that finance and good water governance are inextricably linked. National integrated water resource and water efficiency plans must be part of national development plans in order to access government and donor finance.

Posted: 2010-07-26

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