Capacity building in financing

The 2nd Africa Water Week helped to build capacity on financing issues and will inform the 2010 meeting of African water and finance ministers. As the Minister of Water for Mauritania emphasised, such “knowledge and capacity development are critical if governments are to improve financial management and meet international obligations”.

In Central America, a 2009 GWP-led workshop in Antigua, Guatemala, brought together government water and finance officials, who do not normally interact, to discuss matters of common interest. The meeting demonstrated how important it is to improve coordination to ensure there is a budget for improving water management. As a result, financing measures are now part of the Central American and Dominican Republic Water and Sanitation Forum (FOCARD-APS) 2010 action plan and there will be national workshops to develop water financing strategies.

In South America, at a similar regional workshop held in Colombia, senior professionals and officials from the finance and water sectors shared financing success stories, experiences in establishing trust funds for conserving water sources, institutional reform in municipalities, governance, multilateral funding and micro-financing. They also came to an informal agreement to cooperate. GWP puts great emphasis on facilitating south-to-south exchanges and supporting this capacity building.

… participants called on GWP to provide more knowledge and experiences on economic and financial options for water financing.

GWP policy and knowledge building work has triggered a wealth of activity on financing water across much of the developing world. This would not have been possible without our many Partners, in particular local organisations, the European Union Water Initiative-Finance Working Group, the United Nations Development Programme's Cap-Net programme and the OECD. Our core donors have provided the funding that has enabled GWP to sustain support for these change processes. While it is difficult to measure impact, the higher profile of water financing clearly indicates the value of this work.

Posted: 2010-07-26

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