Uptake at the country level

Engagement at the global level is only of value if it helps to underpin uptake at country level. GWP can work locally and appropriately, and get positive and sustained results on the ground.

The GWP Network, together with key allies, brings local water and finance officials together to discuss how to access finance and what governance reforms are necessary. Workshops have been held in Eastern Africa, West Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus, South America and Central America, and six more are planned for the Mediterranean, and Central and Southern Africa. The Eastern Africa workshop influenced financing clauses in the Brazzaville Declaration at the meeting of the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) in 2007 and the African Union Sharm El Sheikh Declaration on Water in 2008.

"… knowledge and capacity development are critical if governments are to improve financial management and meet international obligations." Minister of Water for Mauritania, 2nd Africa Water Week 2009

Building on the impetus to secure water financing for Africa, GWP and the African Development Bank convened a session on Financing Water Resources Management at the 2nd Africa Water Week in Johannesburg in November 2009. The outcome was agreement on the need to:

  • build a favourable investment environment,
  • balance financing for infrastructure and financing for 'soft' interventions, and
  • develop a more robust economic case for investing in water.

Posted: 2010-07-26

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