A national water policy for Grenada

Posted: 2008-12-01

The GWP Caribbean (GWP-C) publication the Grenada Review of Legislation with respect to the Water Sector helped set in motion a process that led, in 2008, to Grenada becoming one of four Caribbean countries with a water policy.

Houses in the Caribbean

The legislation calls for “an institutional framework for integrated management of water resources”, placing IWRM at the top of the agenda. The process that led to the creation of this water policy began in 2006 when GWP-C, the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute and the UNEP Collaborating Center on Water and Environment organised a workshop to discuss ways to help Grenada develop an IWRM roadmap.

The first step was to develop a national water policy incorporating IWRM principles. A multisectoral Cabinet-appointed steering committee, chaired by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries, was set up to manage the drafting of the policy in 2007. Three consultants were hired to draft the policy, and it was completed in October 2007.

Along with the water policy, a Water Sector Review and a Framework for Water Policy Implementation were also prepared. In February 2008, a review of legislation with respect to the water sector was completed and the first set of consultations held. Another review of the legislation has just been completed. The entire process was funded by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

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