Guyanese Journalist Wins Media Award

Posted: 2012-05-22

To inspire Caribbean journalists to report more on water, GWP Caribbean launched its first annual Media Awards on Water on 5 March 2012. The winner is Mr. Shane Hubbard, an Editor and Videographer from CNS TV6 in Guyana who produced a television piece under the theme “Water and Food Security”.

The competition’s judges said that Mr. Hubbard’s video was “impactful, created multi-audience appeal and was well produced.” As the winner, Mr. Hubbard will receive the first place Award and a cash prize. When contacted by GWP Caribbean about his achievement, Mr. Hubbard, who has been working in the media for the past three years, spoke of his passion for telling stories through film. He explained that he is motivated to create pieces on water related issues to educate people on the critical importance of the resource, as often times persons hear about the need to save water but are not truly aware of its importance. He is therefore able to use his craft to build awareness on these issues.  The piece was written, directed and narrated by Mr. Hubbard and gives a compelling look into the critical importance of water in Guyana’s agricultural sector. It carefully and creatively illustrates a plethora of issues related to water’s vital link to food security; steps taken by the Guyanese government to ensure the country’s food security; the strain on Guyana’s water with agriculture being a large consumer of the resource; among other issues. Amidst these issues, the video also encapsulated the need for Guyanese citizens to be more aware of the realities of water scarcity and the key role they can play in conserving water.

The competition called for media practitioners in the areas of print, television, radio and multi-media to submit original, published works on various water related themes. Two applicants were given Honourable Mentions :  Ms. Veoma Ali, Regional Advertising Manager at One Caribbean Media Limited in Barbados for her radio entry under the theme “Water Conservation” and Mrs. Latoya Minott-Spence, Reporter and Producer at Television Jamaica for her television entry under the themes “Water for All; Water and Poverty; and Water and Health.”

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Guyanese journalist wins Global Water Partnership–Caribbean Award

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