Ministers recognise IWRM as the mechanism for sustainable water resources management

Posted: 2011-12-30

Water Ministers representing four Caribbean countries endorsed recommendations for IWRM and water financing at the 2011 GWP Caribbean/Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) High Level Session (HLS) Ministerial Forum.

GWP Caribbean has been advocating for IWRM at the political level since 2005, mainly through its annual HLS Ministerial Forum for Ministers with responsibility for water in collaboration with CWWA, a Partner organisation. The 2011 HLS focused on water financing and pricing, bringing together representatives from financing institutions and from national utilities in the Caribbean to share their experiences, best practices and lessons learned. Recommendations included the use of IWRM as the mechanism for effective water resources management and the establishment of a regulatory framework for setting appropriate rates and tariff frameworks at the regional/sub-regional level on a sustainable basis.

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