CICOS pursues integrated approach

Posted: 2008-12-01

GWP-CAf facilitated meetings with the Secretariat of the International Commission for the Congo–Oubangui–Sangha Basin (CICOS).

CICOS-GWP handshakeThe meetings reviewed CICOS’s main objectives and the memorandum of understanding which it signed with GWP-CAf Technical Advisory Committee in 2005. The meetings helped CICOS shift focus to a fully integrated river basin management approach that requires both organizations to review areas of cooperation.

GWP-CAf will help with technical assistance (contributing to the creation of a Strategic Action Plan for the Congo basin); capacity building (providing IWRM training to decision-making organs); case study research (catalysing institutional change); and new communication channels. GWP-CAf is now a key stakeholder and part of the CICOS group of experts and development partners.

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