Capacity of NGOs strengthened in Central Africa

Posted: 2012-11-16

The importance of the IWRM approach in the socioeconomic development of a nation was the focus of a workshop arranged by GWP Central African Republic in Bangui in 2012 that brought together NGOs, the University of Bangui, and the country's GWP Partners.

Participants were encouraged to become more involved in the implementation of government policy and the effective dissemination of information on IWRM tools, principles and practices at local, regional and national levels.

Cooperation in the management of water resources across the region is one of three priorities set by the Economic Community of Central African States – the Regional Economic Commission for Central Africa – for 2015. There is wide variation in the availability of water across Central Africa and many communities lack safe drinking water and sanitation. Agreement on a regional water policy by the ten member states in 2009 was a milestone in cooperation on water.

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