GWP Cameroon Tackles Economics of Climate Change Adaptation

Posted: 2014-09-17

GWP Cameroon held a training workshop in Kribi on 29 July to 2 August. The aim was to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to develop a balanced portfolio of investment options that enhance water security for climate resilient growth and development.

Participants were gathered from the Electricity Development Corporation and from several of the Cameroon Government ministries. This was the second time training was organised around this theme and presentations were followed by discussions, presentation of participants’ individual projects and two field trips.

One field trip was to one of the generation plants of the National Electricity Company and the other to a hydro meteorological station on the River Sanaga. These field visits allowed participants to discuss issues related to the impacts of climate change on the production of electric energy, as well as the types of investments in the water sector that can be done by applying the AU/ AMCOW Strategic Framework on Water Security and Climate Resilient Development.

A key highlight of the training workshop was the fact that several participants had mainstreamed individual projects into their annual work programme for 2014.

GWP responds to the climate change challenge through the Global Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) which includes a portfolio of programmes and projects aiming to build climate resilience through better water management. The WACDEP programmes and projects are developed by GWP Regional Water Partnerships in collaboration with relevant governments and regional economic development communities.

Photo: The workshop participants

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