Media Exposed to Cameroon’s Water and Climate Challenges

Posted: 2013-02-22

Climate change and the role of water in socio-economic development was the theme of a workshop for journalists organized by GWP Central Africa in Douala, Cameroon, 17-20 December 2012. News reporting, writing techniques and tools for effective storytelling and reporting were also on the agenda for the 21 participants who came from print media and broadcasting.

As almost all of the ten regions of Cameroon were represented, the workshop could highlight how climate change and water issues manifest themselves across the country in different ways. It generated lively discussions and questions, deepening the participants’ understanding of the challenges the country is facing.

Field visit

The Japouma Water Treatment plant in Douala, which provides part of the water that takes care of the needs of the over three million inhabitants of Cameroon’s economic capital Douala, was the venue chosen for the field work. In order to ensure that the field trip ended up with tangible results, the participants were divided into three groups: print, radio and television.

Complexity of water management

The presentations on climate change and water and the field trip were preceded by an expert from GWP and officials of the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Water and Energy Resources, to help the participants to better understand the processes and challenges. A stop at the Mbopi hydrometric station also helped the participants to understand the complexity of water management as well as the huge challenges that the sector has to deal with as a result of climate change.

The workshop generated articles as well as radio and TV reportages. A media network for journalists covering sustainable development in the region is now being planned by GWP Central Africa.

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