Central american IWRM strategy reactivated

Posted: 2008-12-01

GWP Central America and other organisations have contributed to reactivating Central America’s IWRM Strategy (ECAGIRH), which had been lying fallow since 2006 due to lack of finances.

During a meeting organised by the Central American Commission for the Environment and Development (CCAD) – made up of environment ministers from Central American countries – GWP Central America and the Central American Network of Water and Sanitation (RRAS-CA) highlighted the need to update the strategy document.

The updated document was followed by a consultation process and has been submitted by the Central American Integration System (SICA) for validation by the region’s environment ministries. CCAD identified GWP Central America as a neutral actor who can facilitate the preparation of a roadmap to put the region’s IWRM strategy into practice.

The strategy is an important framework because it identifies synergies between regional organisations involved in water resources management, establishes a common agenda at inter-ministerial level in the seven countries of the region, and gives a vision for developing the water sector’s contribution to regional development over the next ten years.

Landscape in Central America

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