Generating New Knowledge for Decision Making

Posted: 2015-04-16

Among the knowledge products the Water, Climate and Development programme of GWP Central America worked on in 2014, are the analysis for the promotion of water security through no/low regrets investments in climate change plans and strategies at the country level.

The studies include information regarding the inclusion of water security and the level of implementation of strategies and plans for climate change adaptation and alternatives for their implementation, which is the basis to start the preparation of adaption plans. These reports also enlist project proposals for no/low regrets investments based on findings and priorities identified in workshops attended by representatives of government, academic and civil society institutions in each of the countries.  

At a regional level some of the challenges and alternatives are to:

  • Put into action the existing climate change strategies.
  • There is a need for coordination platforms with participation of different sectors.
  • Strengthening capacities to monitor climate and quantify the losses generated from extreme events
  • Raise the awareness of decision makers at the political level on alternative actions.
  • Mainstreaming climate change in sectorial development agendas.
  • Mobilize financial resources and access climate funds.
  • Promote the integration of the adaptation to climate change and water security at the national and regional level.
  • Strengthen water and climate change governance.

National reports are now available, the briefs can be downloaded at: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panamá.

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