Research leads to increase in water and sanitation budget

Posted: 2008-12-01

Three El Salvadoran water networks, GWP El Salvador, the Network of Water and Sanitation of El Salvador (RASES) and Foro del Agua, worked together to produce a research study showing that spending on water and sanitation in the country had been steadily decreasing.

The findings of this study were made public in October 2008 at a forum on financing water and sanitation, attended by 175 people from various national institutions and water users. The alliance also held two press conferences and participated in radio interviews. It also arranged meetings with congressmen from different political parties and with the chair of the National Authority for Water and Sewerage (ANDA) and representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN).

Mountain view, Central America

In December, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the renegotiation of the country’s foreign debt to allocate USD 30 million for investment in water management. Moreover, ANDA and MARN are seeking to obtain funds from the Spanish development cooperation agency AECID and the Inter-American Development Bank.

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