Strengthening Drought Knowledge

Posted: 2014-12-16

GWP Central America has been working closely with the Regional Committee for Water Resources (CRRH), which is part of the Central American Integration System, to strengthen regional capacity in the monitoring of climate to support decision making, especially related to agriculture, fisheries, water resources management, risk management and food security.

To this end, GWP Central America supported the CRRH in their periodical Climate Forum, in which the members of said forum produce a climate report for the next four months. With this information, the Forum members, together with regional experts on food security produce a report with recommendations for decision makers in regards to agriculture and other sectors related to food security. These two working meetings were held in Panama City from the 18-20 of November.

In the context of these events, GWP Central America and CRRH held a second workshop on the use of the standardized precipitation index (SPI) as a tool to monitor drought in Central America (November 17). Participants included officials from the national meteorological and hydrometeorological services of the region.

The recently published study, “Patterns of drought in Central America: Its impact on the production of corn and beans and use of the Standard Precipitation Index for Early Warning Systems”, which was produced by GWP Central America, CRRH and the Swiss Agency for Cooperation (SDC), was distributed among the participants of the event.

Photo: Women and children collecting water in Guatemala (archive photo)

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