Water, Climate, and Development Programme Tops Agenda in Central America

Posted: 2013-10-17

GWP’s Water, Climate, and Development Programme has been formally introduced in Central America. Launch events have taken place in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, and there will be events in Guatemala and El Salvador by the end of October.

GWP partners in the region, as well as actors in the water and climate sectors, participated in the consultations and launch events and now the region is readying for the implementation phase.

GWP Central America initiated the programme together with agencies of the Central American Integration System and other relevant actors. It links integrated water resources management (IWRM) with resilience to climate change and the sustainable development of the countries.

Julie Lennox of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) says that “initiatives like the Water, Climate, and Development Programme are important to harmonize the efforts that can be done at the local and productive levels with the different stakeholders of Central America.”

Central America has one of the highest levels of vulnerability to climate change in the world due to its geographical location. Of the 250 registered extreme weather events in the region in the past 80 years, 85% were related to water.

A recent example is the tropical storm “12-E” which hit the region in October 2011. The storm caused the loss of USD 67.25 million in the agriculture sector in Guatemala, USD 29.7 millions in Honduras, USD 28.7 millions in El Salvador, USD 21.9 millions in Costa Rica and USD 17.3 millions in Nicaragua. (ECLAC)  

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