Central Asia University Lecturers to Enhance IWRM Courses

Posted: 2015-05-13

As part of GWP’s outreach to its Partners, a GWP IWRM ToolBox workshop was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 22-23 April 2015. The workshop was targeted at universities from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, whose staff educate specialists in water management or related fields and sectors.

The workshop was attended by 35 lecturers (20 women, 15 men, 5 MSc students). The participants were selected based upon a call organized by the German-Kazakh University (GKU) in Almaty. This university provides MSc IWRM study courses since 2012, and GKU has created a network of universities that support national universities in training lecturers, provide exchange possibilities for students and support scholarships for students to undertake MSc IWRM studies in Kazakhstan.

The workshop consisted of presentations, work groups and plenary discussions. GWP Senior Knowledge Management Officer Danka Thalmeinerova gave an overview of GWP, as well as a detailed explanation of the IWRM ToolBox functions – tools, case studies, challenges – important instruments in teaching IWRM related courses.

“It is a challenge to tailor curricula on IWRM study programmes. Most universities include courses on IWRM as a part of other study programmes. Technical and engineering aspects are well covered in water study subjects, but they are not linked to other important processes of IWRM, such as stakeholders’ involvement, conflict resolution, legal aspects, and economics,” said Dr. Barbara Janusz-Pawletta, a coordinator of IWRM MSc Programme of GKU during the workshop.

A summary from the two days of consultations among the lecturers from Central Asia universities was made by Dr. Falk-Juri Knauft, Deputy rector for Science and Cooperation. He concluded: “There is a very high interest in GWP knowledge products, and thanks to GWP Central Asia and Caucasus, some papers are translated into Russian, thus accessible to a broad audience of lecturers and students.”

The Coordinator of GWP CACENA Vadim Sokolov of GWP Central Asia and Caucasus presented the activities in his region with emphasis on lessons learnt from application of IWRM processes in local, national and basin levels. The workshop was also attended by Vera Mustafina, a partner of GWP Kazakhstan. She presented the activities of the Regional Center for Sustainable Development, CAR@WAN.

GWP will continue its collaboration with GKU at regional level to support GWP Central Asia and Caucasus in their research, capacity building and partnering.

Photo: The workshop participants in Almaty.

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