CEE Presents at Water Dialogue

Posted: 2009-02-02

GWP CEE Regional Coordinator had a key note presentation on Water Crisis Dialogue on 20 November in Seville.

The 4th International Dialogue on World Water Crisis took place in Seville, Spain on November 20 and 21.

The event was organized by Green Cross Spain with the collaboration of City Council of Seville and EMASESA Metropolitana.

This year the Dialogue was focused on the current water management problems in Eastern Europe, facing new challenges and opportunities, including implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

Since the first Dialogue in 2005, Seville has become a meeting point for water experts worldwide to discuss how water management could be better shared between governments, NGOs and privates initiatives.

Along with the current situation in Eastern Europe, the issue of sanitation was also discussed, in part because 2008 has been declared the International Year for Sanitation.

During the dialogue, Milan Matuska made an interview with newsletter Andalucia Ecolociga MedioAmbiente.

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