Danube Day at Water Expo

Posted: 2008-06-24

Danube Day went global with celebrations at the 2008 World Water Expo

With more than seven million people expected at Expo, including 2000 international experts in the field of water, the Danube Day message was spread right around the globe.

Visitors arriving at each of the Expo Country Pavilions on 29th June will be met with Danube Day banners and posters.

GWP Hungary was the organiser of the Danube Day at World Water Expo 2008 in Zaragoza with the support from ICPDR, GWP, the Hungarian Ministries of Economy Environment & Water and Country Water Partnerships from Romania, Bulgaria.

The responsible commissioners of national pavilions from Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Croatia also supported the event.

Water and Sustainable Development is the theme for this year's Expo, which was opened on 14 June.

The huge event covers 60 acres with more than 27 structures designed by some of the world's leading architects, all on the theme of water, including the world's largest river aquarium.

Visitors arriving at each of the Expo Country Pavilions on the 29th of June were met with Danube Day banners and posters.

Many of the people visiting the Expo during 29 June received a "Danube Pass" for which they collected stamps from Danube countries and received a prize.

The Danube Box, the ICPDR's educational tool kit for promoting protection of the Danube Basin, was displayed together with GWP material such as GWP CEE books leaflets and brochures produced in the last years with connection to the Zaragoza Expo topic Water and Sustainability.

Later in the day, the "Blue Danube Waltz" attracted many visitors who all dressed up in Danube Day T-shirts danced for the Danube in front of the Hungarian Pavilion.

And lastly, a press conference was organised the same day at 17:00h.

For further details, please contact: Monika Jetzin of GWP CEE. Tel: +36-1-3711333; email: gwpmo@gwpmo.hu

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