GWP Slovakia meets Consulting Partners

Posted: 2010-03-03

GWP Slovakia organised a consulting meeting on 17 February in Bratislava.

On the occasion of the visit of GWPO Network Officer Bjorn Guterstam and GWP CEE Chair, Liviu Nicolae Popescu, GWP Slovakia organised a consulting partners meeting with 9 organisations, e.g. Club of Senior Scientists of SHMI, Children Waste Watch, Environmental Education in Eastern Slovakia, Association of Wastewater Experts, Association of Water Companies, Association of Towns and Municipalities.

They made short presentations of their activities and stakes. ZMOS organises 96% of towns and municipalities of Slovakia.

It is a key IWRM promoter at local level and plans to establish IWRM Competence Centre for mayors, landowners and farmers.

The ZMOS vice-chairman formally passed to the Network Officer their partner application to GWP.

As a next step, GWP Slovakia will help to support and disseminate activities and experiences of its partners. GWP will also disseminate ZMOS local level IWRM concept through ToolBox.

In cooperation with GWP, Association of Wastewater Experts will help to meet rural sustainable sanitation demands and apply open waste water planning.

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