High-level dialogue addresses Europe's sanitation woes

Posted: 2010-08-13

In January 2008, GWP-CEE – together with Women in Europe for a Common Future, the European Water Partnership, KIWA Water Research, Coalition Clean Baltic, and Coram Industries – organised a high-level policy dialogue on EU Sanitation Policies and Practices in the 2008 International Year of Sanitation in Brussels, Belgium.

High-level Policy Dialogue, BrusselsGWP-CEE contributed with presenters, experts and collateral material such as the book Sustainable Sanitation in Central and Eastern Europe: Addressing the Needs of Small and Medium-Size Settlements. The book, which is free and downloadable from the GWP and ToolBox websites, addresses the European sanitation problem within the context of IWRM and the UN MDGs, and identifies gaps in European Union (EU) policy and at the national level. It has been translated into 12 CEE languages, and Russian. The book helps local managers to find technically viable solutions that are affordable and designed to avoid pollution of ground and surface waters. The Brussels seminar aimed to raise awareness and stimulate political will within the EU and the European Commission on the need for safer management of wastewater in rural settlements with populations under 2,000.

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