IWRM goes local in Slovakia

Posted: 2008-12-01

In May 2008, the Slovak Association of Villages and Towns (ZMOS) embedded the integrated approach and sustainable sanitation into its Strategy on IWRM in Municipalities and their River Basins.

Water pump, CEEThis is the result of cooperation between ZMOS and GWP Central and Eastern Europe (GWP-CEE) established during a 2007 national dialogue. Prior to its adoption, the strategy was reviewed by GWP Slovakia and the GWP-CEE Regional Secretariat, and has been accepted as a reference document for the GWP ToolBox.

ZMOS presented the strategy document during World Water Week in Stockholm and at the Zaragoza Water Expo in August 2008.

The strategy recommends the GWP-CEE book Sustainable Sanitation in Central and Eastern Europe: Addressing the Needs of Small and Medium-Size Settlements (translated into Slovak) in solving wastewater treatment and drinking water problems in local municipalities. ZMOS, which represents more than 2,500 towns and villages, also succeeded in getting IWRM incorporated into the development strategy of Slovakia.

IWRM goes local in Slovakia, CEE

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