Agreement on promotion of IWRM in Xiangjiang Basin of Hunan

Posted: 2011-12-18

Following the central government's policy document on Reform and Development in the Water Sector in early 2011, water resources management has become the top government priority at all levels in China.

GWP China- Hunan organised a workshop on Xiangjiang River Basin Management in November 2011 attended by over 70 participants from government agencies, research institutions, universities, and NGOs. The Xiangjiang River is the main river in the province. Its basin suffers from a lack of adequate management, insufficient water flow, low water use efficiency, deterioration in water environmental quality, an imbalance between water resources and economic structures, and inadequate flood defence systems. Participants agreed that efforts are needed to promote IWRM in the basin, as well as increased water use efficiency, and improved water quality. The workshop proceedings and recommendations have been submitted to the relevant government agencies.

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