GWP China-Fujian Surveys Drinking Water

Posted: 2011-09-19

GWP China-Fujian, with support from the Fujian Provincial Water Resources Department, carried out a survey on water resources, including rural drinking water safety. The purpose of the investigation was to ensure an integrated and sustainable approach to water resources management for the planned construction of an economic zone.

The survey began in early 2011 and ended in August. The “Workshop on Fujian Island’s Water Resources” was held on April 28 where comments and recommendations covered aspects of desalination technologies, water transport, water-saving, and pollution control. The second phase focused on rural drinking water safety and integrated management of watersheds in rural areas. Mr. Liu Ziwei, Deputy Director General of the Fujian Provincial Water Resources Department and Honorary Chair of GWP China-Fujian, and Mr. Bian Hongda, Chair of GWP China-Fujian, have carried out the studies to promote an IWRM approach.

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