Leaders act on recommendations of 4th Wei River Forum

Posted: 2010-11-20

Government leaders attached great importance to the recommendations of the 4th Wei River Forum, held in October 2010 and organised by GWP China-Shaanxi together with Shaanxi Principal Water Resources Department.

GWP China-Shaanxi took a lead in preparing the agenda and submitting the recommendations to local government leaders. The agreement by provincial agencies to revise the comprehensive management plan for the Wei River – emphasising flood protection and improving water quality – attracted significant media attention. The revised plan commits RMB 60.7 billion (about US$9.3 billion) to control floods, maintain ecological flows and treat wastewater. Most significantly, the plan also sets up a new institution to carry out the plan, the Wei River Management Headquarters, headed by the Vice Governor and managed by the Director General of the Water Resources Department.

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