Protecting the water resources of the Yellow River Basin

Posted: 2011-11-18

The protection of the water resources of the Yellow River Basin, emergency response to environmental pollution and case studies of emergency response to water pollution in other countries were the main topics at a workshop on Water Resources Protection and Emergency Response Mechanisms to Water Pollution of the Yellow River.

The workshop, held in October 2011 in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, was organised by GWP China-Yellow River and GWP China, together with the Yellow River Research Society and the Water Resources Protection Bureau of Yellow River Basin. GWP China-Yellow River called the meeting to highlight the achievements of water resources management and protection through the joint efforts of civil and governmental agencies. Other topics that were targeted were the exchange of experiences of how best to respond to emergency water pollution and discussions on setting up mechanisms for water resources protection and emergency response, in order to promote the sustainable use of water resources in the basin.

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