East African Universities Engage with IWRM ToolBox

Posted: 2013-12-19

GWP organised a workshop in partnership with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, on 5-6 December. The aim was to explore educational needs and find out how GWP’s IWRM ToolBox can benefit present and future water managers in Eastern Africa.

GWP Eastern Africa has a full report: Gold Might be Cheaper than Water in the Future 

The workshop attracted 40 participants from more than 8 countries. Although some universities have well-established study programmes related to water, others are still in the process of reforming their study courses to introduce modern teaching methods and courses, including IWRM programmes. The participants agreed that most study programmes are a combination of academic teaching and practical assignments. Some lecturers consider the practical assignments more important, and the consensus was that all teaching also needs a deep community focus.

In promoting GWP’s IWRM ToolBox, Senior Knowledge Management Officer Dr. Danka Thalmeinerova noted a high interest in the database and received requests for more case studies from Eastern Africa. The participants also appreciated finding out about lessons learnt from workshops held in Central Asia, West Africa, Caribbean and Central Europe.

The participants emphasized the importance of publications and reference documents displayed in the IWRM ToolBox, which gives them a chance to receive up-to-date publications. Many colleges in Eastern Africa rely on papers from development aid programmes, but these are often tailored for specific projects with a limited impact. There was also a strong desire to receive GWP publications in hard copies, as internet connectivity is very difficult in some places.

Photo: The participants at the workshop

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