CLIMATE 2010 / KLIMA 2010

Posted: 2010-07-29

1-7 November 2010, The World´s CO2-friendly Scientific On-line Climate Conference "Climate Change and the Sustainable Management of Water Resources".

CLIMATE 2010/KLIMA 2010’s aims are the following:

* to introduce the latest findings from scientific research on climate change and its links and impacts on water cycles, water supply and water management;

* to introduce projects and other initiatives being undertaken in  industrialized and developing countries by many stakeholders;

* to discuss problems, barriers, challenges and opportunities  related to promoting the sustainable use of water resources.

Last but not least, and similar to the previous on-line conferences in 2008 and 2009, CLIMATE 2010/KLIMA 2010 will encourage more networking and information exchange among participants and hopefully catalyze new cooperation initiatives and new projects.

GWP Executive Secretary Dr Ania Grobicki will participate in the online conference. Visit the CLIMATE 2010/KLIMA 2010 website to view a video message from Dr Grobicki. Also, join GWP Technical Committee Member Mike Muller's online chat at 10 AM Central European Time on Thursday, November 4.

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