GWP at UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Bonn

Posted: 2013-05-22

A GWP delegation will participate at the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Bonn 3-14 June 2013.

Until the world puts water security at the centre of adaptation as part of national development, gains made in economic growth and development will continue to be undermined by water-related disasters such as droughts and floods, threatening food security, energy security, and livelihood security worldwide.

In many countries, water management and adaptation efforts are fragmented across various ministries and agencies. This fragmentation is also reflected in global policy processes such as those under the UNFCCC. Water management is scattered across various negotiation streams.

The Adaptation Committee has been created by Parties to promote coherence on adaptation under the convention. Water is to adaptation efforts what energy is for mitigation efforts – the connecting link.

A thematic focus on integrated water resources management and development is an essential building block to promoting coherence on adaptation under the convention.

Side Event

On Monday 10 June 16.45-18.15, GWP will organise a side event "The connecting link: Water security & the Adaptation Committee's work programme" (Ministry of Environment, Room Wind).

The side event will explore the work of the Adaption Committee and help to define how implementing an integrated approach to water resources management can enhance the work of the Adaption Committee to connect diverse negotiation streams and enhance coherence on adaption under the UNFCCC.

Ongoing work on water and climate change adaptation by GWP and its regional partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central & Eastern Europe will illustrate how water contributes to enhancing climate resilience and offer opportunities for accelerating implementation of the Adaption Committee’s work programme.

Press Conference

The side event will be followed by a Press briefing on Tuesday 11 June, 10.00-10.30 "Connecting Link: Water Security & Adaptation" (Hotel Maritim, Room Haydn), focusing on key messages and actions required for enhancing the work of the Adaptation Committee’s on building coherence on adaptation under the convention.

GWP participates as an intergovernmental organization (IGO) with obverse status at the UNFCCC negotiations to advocate for the central role of water in climate change adaptions.

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